Getting Risky with the Riskies

Today is the 3rd Anniversary for Risky Regencies and to celebrate they’ve launched their new look. A look I created!!!

Check it out!

Some cool information behind the scenes information:

The colors are historically correct! Diane Gaston sent me a historical color source image so the colors could be more accurate.

The main image is drawing of “Tom, Jerry, and Logic Making the Most of an Evening in Vauxhall” by Robert and George Cruikshank, from Pierce Egan’s Life in London (1821)

Here is a link to the original image:

Please note the couple toward the center. Some of you may have seen buttons floating about the conference with this dancing couple. In the image from the above link, you’ll note the woman doesn’t have two legs. For the buttons she looked a bit odd like that and so I added a second leg hehe.

Look for the complete story of this project in my portfolio within a week or so.

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